First Annual Ozarks Festival of Faiths

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The first Ozarks Festival of Faiths in Springfield, MO will be held January 28, 2023 at The Art Museum.

4:30-6:30 pm – faith and city leadership dinner: Location TBD. By invitation only. We will recognize city leaders who have helped us through these past few years.   

6:30-9 pm – event: @ The Art Museum. Open to the community. There will be Faith exhibits to view and ask representatives questions, children’s art exhibit about “unity”, and a musical program with a childrens interfaith choir and an adult interfaith choir.

Two opportunities to view the Musical program include:

  • 7-7:30 pm
  • 8-8:30 pm

At 8:45 pm there will be a candlelight vigil inside the art museum to end the celebration.  

Art Exhibit: Children (up to age 18) can participate in the art display about Unity. Email Sue for more details.

Service Project: Interfaith members will help assist the NAACP with MLK celebrations. More details to come.

Faiths currently participating:

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Presbyterian 
  • Methodist
  • Christ episcopal 
  • First Unitarian Universalist 
  • Unity
  • Buddha 
  • Hindu 
  • Bahai
  • Sikh 
  • Islamic
  • Jewish
  • Catholic 
  • Baptist
  • Native American
  • Lutheran
  • We are growing and welcome other faiths to join and participate. 

Supporting partners:

  • The Art Museum
  • Faith Voices
  • The Have Faith Initiative
  • Interfaith Alliance of the Ozarks.


Community members wanting to be apart of the Interfaith Children or Adult choirs should contact:

Deanna Carpenter